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    • Robot Saltador y Procedimiento para su Control 

      Akinfiev, Teodor; Armada, Manuel; Fernández, Roemi; Montes Franceschi, Héctor (2005-10-01)
      Robot saltador para el movimiento en terrenos con obstáculos, que contiene al menos un resorte (4) con uno de sus extremos unido al cuerpo (1) del robot, y una cadena cinemática entre el motor (5) y el resorte (4) que ...
    • Robust Cascade Controller for Nonlinearly Actuated Biped Robots: Experimental Evaluation 

      Caballero, Rony; Armada, Manuel; Akinfiev, Teodor (2004-06-26)
      In this paper we consider the postural stability problem for nonlinearly actuated quasi-static biped robots, both with respect to the joint angular positions and also with reference to the gripping effect between the ...
    • Vertical Movement of Resonance Hopping Robot with Electric Drive and Simple Control System 

      Montes Franceschi, Héctor; Akinfiev, Teodor; Armada, Manuel (2003-06-01)
      In the paper vertical movements of resonance hopping robot with one leg and electric drive are considered. Special construction of hopping robot with compensation of losses during flight of the robot allows to employ a ...