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dc.creatorOumar, Ousmane Abdoulaye
dc.creatorSattar, Tariq P.
dc.creatorTokhi, Mohammad Osman
dc.descriptionThis paper presents investigations into wireless localization techniques for mobile robots operat-ing in indoor environments. Localization systems can guide robots to perform different tasks such as monitoring children or elderly people, aid mobility of the visually impaired and localize mobile objects or packages in warehouses. They are essential for localization of robots operating in re-mote places that are inaccessible or hazardous to humans. Currently, ultra wide band (UWB) in indoor environments provides an accuracy of 24 mm under line of sight (LOS) or non-line of sight (NLOS) conditions in a working range of 160 m indoors. The work presented in this paper carries out experimental validation of localization algorithms using mobile robots and UWB signals. These are measured in LOS and NLOS environments. The measurements are performed with the UWB radio PulsON 410 (P410) and mobile robots (AmigoBot) with maximum travel-ling speed of 1 m/s and equipped with an on-board computer, sonar, odometer, camera and inertial navigation system. Experimental results obtained for the system show positioning errors of less than 55
dc.publisherUniversidad Tecnológica de Panamáes-ES
dc.sourceMemorias de Congresos UTP; 2018: The 21st International Conference on Climbing and Walking Robots and the Support Technologies for Mobile Machines - CLAWAR 2018; 455-468es-ES
dc.subjectmobile robots; wireless sensores-ES
dc.titleIndoor localization of mobile robots with wireless sensor network based on ultra wideband using experimental measurements of time difference of arrivales-ES

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