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dc.creatorKawaguchi, T.
dc.creatorTanise, Y.
dc.creatorKamata, M.
dc.creatorYamada, Y.
dc.creatorNakamura, T.
dc.descriptionAir conditioning equipment using duct piping is used to ventilate residences. If this residential ducting is used in a dirty environment, it will lead to adverse effects on human health. Therefore, a method to clean the ducts is required. However, with existing duct cleaning tools, it is difficult to clean the duct perfectly. Therefore, a duct cleaning robot is required. In previous research, we focused on a peristaltic crawling motion type robot, and developed a type of drive brush mounting. Cleaning and driving experiments confirmed a cleaning efficiency of 97.2%; however, the speed fell below the target value of 4.6 mm/s. In this paper, we propose a cleaning joint that strives for both cleaning efficiency and driving speed. We aim to realize an optimal duct cleaning robot by comparing the drive brush mounting types with a robot equipped with the proposed
dc.publisherUniversidad Tecnológica de Panamáes-ES
dc.sourceMemorias de Congresos UTP; 2018: The 21st International Conference on Climbing and Walking Robots and the Support Technologies for Mobile Machines - CLAWAR 2018; 271-278es-ES
dc.subjectDuct cleaning; Peristaltic crawling motion; In-pipe inspection robotes-ES
dc.titleDevelopment of a peristaltic crawling motion type duct cleaning robot compatible with cleaning efficiency and running speed by cleaning jointes-ES

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