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    • Detecting Zero-Moment Point in Legged Robot 

      Montes Franceschi, Héctor; Manuel, Armada; Nabulsi, Samir (07/01/2014)
      The study of Zero-moment point (ZMP) in ROBOCLIMBER (quadruped walking and climbing robot) was realized and calculated in real time during statically postural and dynamically balanced gait. Force sensor with strain gages ...
    • ROBOCLIMBER: Control System Architecture 

      Montes Franceschi, Héctor; Armada, Manuel; Nabulsi, Samir (07/01/2004)
      The paper shows the complete system architecture of a walking and climbing robot developed to make slope consolidation, where heavy duty equipment is employed for drilling up to 20m holes. ROBOCLIMBER a quadruped robot ...