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    • Camera and laser range finder fusion for real-time car detection 

      Cáceres Hernández, Danilo; Hyun Jo, Kang; Kurnianggoro, Laksono (10/29/2014)
      This paper describes a car detection method by combining data obtained from a laser and a camera. Data from the camera and the laser range finder (LRF) are combined after a calibration method has been performed. The ...
    • Real-Time Lane Region Detection Using a Combination of Geometrical and Image Features 

      Cáceres Hernández, Danilo; Filonenko, Alexander; Hyun Jo, Kang; Kurnianggoro, Laksono (2016-11-17)
      Over the past few decades, pavement markings have played a key role in intelligent vehicle applications such as guidance, navigation, and control. However, there are still serious issues facing the problem of lane marking ...