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dc.creatorLlanos, Aura Polo
dc.creatorAlgarín, Carlos Robles
dc.creatorFula, Jordan Guillot
dc.descriptionAn eight channels subband audio codec is implemented for signals with 44.1 KHz and 16 bits per sample using Matlab. To achieve perfect reconstruction, a two channels QMF filter bank with cutoff frequency ω=π/2 is designed, based on an equiriple filter of 99 order. Seven stages of this bank are used to split the input into eight signals with sample rates from 2.76 to 11 KHz, which are coded from 1 to 16 bits depending on the band energy. To evaluate performance for three tracks in terms of similarity of input and output signals, a Mean Opinion Score (MOS) experiment with fifteen subjects was performed. The Euclidean Distance between spectrums was also measured. Results showed a fair similitude for two tracks and excellent for one. Compression factors above 96% were achieved.Keywords: subband coding, mean opinion score MOS, QMF filter banks, audio compressionen-US
dc.publisherKnE Publishingen-US
dc.sourceKnE Engineering; 6th Engineering, Science and Technology Conference - Panama 2017 (ESTEC 2017); 893-903en-US
dc.titleCompresión de Audio Basada en Codificación Subbandaen-US

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  • 2017: 6th Engineering, Science and Technology Conference - Panama (ESTEC 2017) [115]
    The 6th Engineering, Science and Technology Conference (ESTEC 2017) organized by the Universidad Tecnologica de Panama (UTP) is the most relevant conference, engineering-based, of our country. The topics of the conference are focused on areas of interest of Panama and the Latin America region, including: agroindustry, astronomy, bioengineering, education on engineering, energy and environment, ICT engineering, infrastructure and construction, logistics and transportation, manufacturing processes and material science, robotic, automation and artificial intelligence. This year, ESTEC partnered with IEEE Panama Section to ensure the quality of the peer-reviewed process; we received more than 180 full papers from 20 countries and 50% of those were accepted to participate in the conference and will be published in the conference’s proceeding. Furthermore, the conference included technical tours to the Cocoli’s Gate and the Miraflores Visitors Center of The Panama Canal and to the Wind Power Park in Penonome, Panama.

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