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dc.creatorJiménez, José Ulises
dc.creatorPinzón, Reinhardt
dc.creatorFábrega, José
dc.creatorMora, Dafni
dc.descriptionThis study deals with the estimation of the carbon associated to the Above Ground Biomass, in a permanent plot of measurement located in the Cerro Pelado Tropical Hydrology Observatory in Gamboa, Panama. The objective is to highlight the contribution made by one-hectare of this forest to the local Climate Change mitigation. We employed a relation to carbon storage and sequestration, based on the important species of the tree community with diameter at breast height equal to or greater than 10 cm. It was found an increase in the Above Ground Biomass at the plot, with values of: 193 Mg*ha-1, 218 Mg*ha-11 and 225 Mg*ha-1, for the 2008, 2012 and 2015 censuses, respectively. The net growth in Above Ground Biomass is eliminating approximately 7 to 8 Mg de CO2*ha-1year-1 from the atmosphere, which means that it is acting as a sink and sequestrator of CO2. In this habitat, it is recognizable the important contribution of the Pera arborea species in terms of sustaining carbon sequestration in the Above Ground Biomass.Keywords: Gamboa, Panama, Above Ground Biomass, Climate Change, CO2en-US
dc.publisherKnE Publishingen-US
dc.sourceKnE Engineering; 6th Engineering, Science and Technology Conference - Panama 2017 (ESTEC 2017); 668-678en-US
dc.titleContribución del Bosque en Cerro Pelado a la Mitigación del Cambio Climático: Almacenamiento y Secuestro de Carbonoen-US

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  • 2017: 6th Engineering, Science and Technology Conference - Panama (ESTEC 2017) [115]
    The 6th Engineering, Science and Technology Conference (ESTEC 2017) organized by the Universidad Tecnologica de Panama (UTP) is the most relevant conference, engineering-based, of our country. The topics of the conference are focused on areas of interest of Panama and the Latin America region, including: agroindustry, astronomy, bioengineering, education on engineering, energy and environment, ICT engineering, infrastructure and construction, logistics and transportation, manufacturing processes and material science, robotic, automation and artificial intelligence. This year, ESTEC partnered with IEEE Panama Section to ensure the quality of the peer-reviewed process; we received more than 180 full papers from 20 countries and 50% of those were accepted to participate in the conference and will be published in the conference’s proceeding. Furthermore, the conference included technical tours to the Cocoli’s Gate and the Miraflores Visitors Center of The Panama Canal and to the Wind Power Park in Penonome, Panama.

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