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    • Protecting Web Services against DoS Attacks: A Case-Based Reasoning Approach 

      Pinzón Trejos, Cristian; De Paz, Juan; Zato, Carolina; Peréz, Javier (06/23/2010)
      The real-time detection is a key factor to detect and block DoS attacks within Web services. DoS attacks can be generated for different techniques that take advantage of points vulnerable within Web services. This paper ...
    • Temporal bounded reasoning for context-based information fusion in DoS attack detection 

      Pinzón Trejos, Cristian; De Paz, Juan; Bajo, Javier; Navarro, Martí; Zato, Carolina; Julián, Vicente (07/26/2010)
      Security is one of the main aspects to take into account when designing and developing web services. A meaning number of mechanisms of attack can lead to a web service system crash. As a result, the web service cannot allow ...