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    • Definición y validación de medidas para procesos ETL en almacenes de datos 

      Muñnoz, Lilia; Pardillo, Jesús; Norberto Mazón, José; Trujillo, Juan (01/01/2009)
      In data warehousing, ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) processes are in charge of extracting the data from data sources that will be contained in the data warehouse. Due to their relevance, the quality of these processes ...
    • Modelling ETL processes of data warehouses with UML activity diagrams 

      Muñoz, Lilia; Mazón, Jose Norberto; Pardillo, Jesús; Trujillo, Juan (11/09/2008)
      Extraction-transformation-loading (ETL) processes play an important role in a data warehouse (DW) architecture because they are responsible of integrating data from heterogeneous data sources into the DW repository. ...