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dc.creatorRodrigues, Gabryella
dc.creatorFrancês, Regiane
dc.creatorCouto, Felipe
dc.creatorHomci, Marcia
dc.creatorMaués, Daniella
dc.creatorRodrigues, Juliane
dc.creatorCouto, Danielle
dc.descriptionThere is worldwide concern about the decline in the number of women in Information Technology (IT) and Engineering. Companies and universities have campaigned and launched special programs and projects for women in their careers or for young people wishing to enter these areas. The Digital Girls of Ananindeua (Digital Manas) have as general objective the accomplishment of motivational and informative practices with students of Elementary and Middle School in the metropolitan region of Belém aiming at the gender equity in the careers and courses of the areas of Computing and Technology through the promotion of female participation. Contributing to a network collaboration between professionals and future academics, giving visibility to women in the IT of Pará, besides involving teachers and responsible for these girls to find support in their choices in the careers of
dc.publisherUniversidad Tecnológica de Panamáes-ES
dc.sourceMemorias de Congresos UTP; 2019: XI Congreso de la Mujer Latinoamericana en la Computación - LAWCC 2019; 25-32es-ES
dc.titleManas Digitais: uma rede de colaboração entre mulheres de Tecnologia da Informação na região Amazônicaes-ES

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