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    • How to add new knowledge to already trained deep learning models applied to semantic localization 

      Cruz, Edmanuel; Rangel, José Carlos; Gomez Donoso, Francisco; Cazorla, Miguel (06/19/2019)
      The capacity of a robot to automatically adapt to new environments is crucial, especially in social robotics. Often, when these robots are deployed in home or office environments, they tend to fail because they lack the ...
    • Semi-supervised 3D object recognition through CNN labeling 

      Rangel, José Carlos; Martínez Gómez, Jesus; Romero González, Cristina; García Varea, Ismael; Cazorla, Miguel (04/01/2018)
      Despite the outstanding results of Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) in object recognition and classification, there are still some open problems to address when applying these solutions to real-world problems. Specifically, ...