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    • An Adaptive Multi-agent Solution to Detect DoS Attack in SOAP Messages 

      Pinzón Trejos, Cristian; De Paz, Juan; Bajo, Javier; Corchado, Juan (2009-07-01)
      A SOAP message can be affected by a DoS attack if the incoming message has been either created or modified maliciously. The specifications of existing security standards do not focus on this type of attack. This article ...
    • A hybrid agent-based classification mechanism to detect denial of service attacks 

      Pinzón Trejos, Cristian; De Paz, Juan; Rodríguez, Sara; Bajo, Javier; Corchado, Juan (09/03/2009)
      This paper presents the core component of a solution based on agent technology specifically adapted for the classification of SOAP messages. The messages can carry out attacks that target the applications providing Web ...
    • A Security Proposal Based on a Real Time Agent to Protect Web Services Against DoS Attack 

      Pinzón Trejos, Cristian; González, Angélica; Rubio, Manuel; Bajo, Javier (2012-07-02)
      This paper describes a novel proposal based on a real time agent to detect and block denial of service attacks within web services environments. The real time agent incorporates a classification mechanism based on a Case-Base ...