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    • Displays and Photonics Application Group Activities 

      Vázquez, Carmen; Sánchez Pena, José Manuel; Vargas, Salvador; Pérez, Isabel; Gonzalo, Ana Belen; montalvo, Julio (06/01/2004)
      Displays and Photonics Application Group (GDAF) is devoted to design and development of passive and active devices and sensors for their applications in WDM networks, CWDM, POF, and RF over fiber networks using different ...
    • Optical router for optical fiber sensor networks based on a liquid crystal cell 

      Vargas, Salvador; Sánchez Pena, José Manuel; Vázquez, Carmen; Aranda, Angel; Pérez, Isabel (09/04/2003)
      Optical fiber sensor networks are evolving rapidly. They are used because of the inert nature of optical fibers allowing no electromagnetic interference and safe applications in inflammable atmospheres; other relevant ...